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About Myself

Myself Dr.Shrikanth. I am an expert OET and IELTS trainer. Since 2019, I have tutored hundreds of students for their preparatory exams such IELTS & OET. Myself being a top world scorer in IELTS in 2019 and having attained a doctorate degree in pharmacy in addition to  being a graduate in Psychology from Singapore, I have undertaken my own career venture. My entrepreneurial journey is based on high quality result oriented OET coaching sessions for Aspiring Candidates.

My Skill Set

Impeccable Command Over The English Language

English literature is absolutely fascinating. I have been indulging in this beautiful language ever since I was a toddler. I have won several prizes in competitive English events and to emphasize I am a world top scorer in 2019 IELTS having acquired a Band 8 in my British Council Writing Module in my first ever attempt.

OET Medical Terminologies

Apart from having a good grasp of the English language, it is imperative for an expert OET Trainer to possess a sound understanding of the modern day medical system. Being a healthcare professional myself, I am well qualified to provide my students the finest OET mentoring.

International Teaching Standards

To have graduated psychology from Singapore is one of the most precious achievements I cherish. I experienced first hand what top quality education system is and how it is be a recipient of outstanding teaching methodologies. I incorporate the same exceptional level of standards in my coaching sessions, for I firmly believe that 'My Students Deserve The Best'.

One Month Individual OET Coaching

Free Demo Class Before Payment

OET Course Fee - ₹5000

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Result Oriented OET Coaching 

  • Personalised Listening & Reading Guidance

  • Exhaustive & Accurate Writing Corrections

  • 1 On 1 Speaking Sessions & Feedback

  • Orientation Classes On All 4 Modules

  • Weekly Mock Tests

  • 100+ Study Materials

Courses Available For Doctors & Nurses

Exclusively Online 1:1 OET Coaching Sessions


One Month OET Coaching For Doctors

Course Fee: ₹5000

A. 15 Live Individual Coaching Sessions
B. 4 Orientation Classes Encompassing All 4 OET modules
C. 4 OET Mock Tests
D. Total Of 22 OET Listening Materials
E. Total Of 44 OET Reading Materials
F. Upto 15 Personalised Writing Corrections
G. About 32 Speaking/Counselling Sessions


One Month OET Coaching For Nurses

Course Fee: ₹5000

A.15 Live Individual Coaching Sessions
B. 4 Orientation Classes Encompassing All 4 OET modules
C. 4 OET Mock Tests
D. Total Of 22 OET Listening Materials
E. Total Of 44 OET Reading Materials
F. Upto 15 Personalised Writing Corrections
G. About 32 Speaking/Counselling Sessions

Exclusively Individual OET Coaching Sessions

Class Structure

A1 Batch - Classes On Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

A2 Batch - Classes On Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

Class Timings: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

With Prior Information Given, Students Can Log-In At Their Preferred Timings.

"Deliver The Best And Forget The Rest"


Let’s Connect

You Shall Be Notified Through E-Mail After Form Submission. Alternatively Contact Directly Via WhatsApp: +91 9995674044

Thanks for submitting!

Medical Record Analysis

Students' Feedback


To be honest, I’m still struggling to find words to thank Dr Shrikanth sir

Being studied in an exclusively Malayalam oriented syllabus throughout my pre and primary schools, subjugating English language has always been an arduous hurdle for me .

Chanced upon Dr Shrikanth from an online platform and started learning it from the rock bottom and as a consequence of his continuous efforts, constant guidance and unceasing motivation, today I’ve managed to secure a relevant score in the occupational English test which I once thought to be elusive .

Regarding the classes, Since the sessions were individual they were pretty much handy and advantageous for me considering the time schedules (because I had to work in shifts at my hospital when I attended the classes). Apart from that you’ll get a good amount of attention and will have ample amount of freedom to to ask questions which would otherwise have been difficult for me to ask in front of others if the classes were coupled or clubbed.

When it comes to the language, I would say his style and skills are unique and are on par with that of many native professionals out there. Above all I can’t turn a blind eye to the motivation he has given whenever I felt hopeless and despondent.

Indeed it’s an onerous task to train yourself continuously for a month or even months without self doubt and hesitation , once you’ve put your trust in him , he’ll make you fall in love with the language and the results will follow

I will be eternally grateful to you sir for guiding me through the right path and being there for me as an ever motivating mentor . I still have a lot to learn from you. 🙏🙏


I am Dr Nycy .. I am preparing to go to UK for my postgraduaation..I had been taken Dr Shrikanth Sir's individual OET coaching classes for 3 months as a part of my journey and I secured B grade in all the 4 modules in the very first attempt..Shrikanth sir is not only a good mentor but a great person with all positive vibes . He motivated me throughout my journey... He really knows the pulse of every student which I believe all the teachers must know.. More than this what attracted me in his character is that he makes sure that all the students are able to follow his classes and he provided his best shot to everyone , especially when it comes to his correction for writing and speaking.. I never knew plethora of vocabularies..But because of his precise correction, I was to include good vocabularies and good sentence structures in my speaking and writing during exams .. His focus is only to provide the right quality of teaching for the students so that they can be able to produce the best in their exams .. Also I could able to manage my stress during the exams only because of Shrikanth Sir's motivation.. He is a very awesome mentor which any student would like to have .I got a wonderful mentor and a life time friendship from this coaching .. I am always grateful to a good human being like him .. A big salute to You Sir 😊 All the very best for your new venture.. 😊👍


 Hi there,
I don't know how I could ever express all my thanks for Sir Shrikanth's mentorship. I couldn't be happier with the quality of classes I received from him. They are so well structured and to the point!! Monitoring my progress and evaluating results of mock tests always helped me a lot in improving myself.
(Truly Sir I have been blessed to have you in my life!)

If you are looking for proper guidance and support for your exam, don't think twice! Just go for it!!

Athira KS

Thank you so much sir.i have a very good experience with dr.shrikanth sir class.classes are too have given a very good support through out my class.i am so happy and satisfied with your class.thank you..

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